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It’s true that we could say all the great things in the world about ourselves. But what really proves whether we are a professional team who offers the highest standard of service is what our customers say about working with us. Allow us to tell you a few of the things that always stand out from the reviews that our customers leave. We are sure that it will give you all the assurance you need when you come to us for your garage door needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by our experienced professionals.

Competitive pricing

None of us want to have to pay a fortune for anything these days and work related to garage door installation & repair is certainly no exception to that rule. That is why we provide free estimates and no trip charge with any service or repair.

In fact, one of our previous customers 

Steve G
Steve G @Steve_g
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loved Your Very competitive pricing the right guys to call!
Quality Service

Have you noticed that things do not seem to be built to last these days? In days gone by, people would buy a product and it would last them for years, decades or even a lifetime. We seem to live in the ‘throw-away age’. This is because so many products we buy nowadays need to be replaced within a very short time period. We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality service, coupled with high-quality products. We are delighted that our clients have clearly noticed this.

Susan T, one of our clients, commented on our service calling it an “outstanding quality service”, “quality product” and that as a company we are a “class act in every way”. 

We are delighted that our commitment to quality has resulted in such customer satisfaction. Indeed, it proves that when people turn to us here at Golden Garage Doors, they can rely on experts for residential garage door needs.

Dependable & Offering A Wealth Of Knowledge

When it comes to garage door installation & repair, the task is not for everyone. For it to be completed successfully, you need a fully licensed & and insured company who are experts in the repair and installation of residential garage doors. That is exactly what we aim to be for you.

Of course, you don’t need to simply take our word for the fact that we are committed to providing a reliable and dependable service, or the fact that we offer a wealth of knowledge within our industry. We would much rather have you take our clients’ word.

For instance, Marty L described us as being “dependable and honest about garage doors”, Joe S, another satisfied client, noted in one of our reviews that we are a “great service, honest, explain all work and direct you to the problem”. 

Another of our reviews 

from Rebecca D mentioned one of our staff members by name as being “knowledgeable” and “very friendly”. We are delighted, as a locally owned and operated company, to receive such high praise for the service we provide.

Honest And Helpful

So many companies today are simply just about making money. Granted, all businesses need to make a profit, otherwise, they simply could not survive. However, here at Golden Garage Doors, we don’t want our work simply to be about lining our pockets. Instead, we have an abundance of knowledge and we want to share that with our clients, even if it means we don’t make as much profit as we may be able to do.

This feature of our service is mentioned exclusively in one of our reviews 

by Joe S. He mentions “they help us troubleshoot first to see if they can make it work before coming out and charging a service call”. 

That’s right, if we think you have a simple issue we can easily advise you on over the phone, we aren’t going to mislead you into thinking we need to come to your home and have you open your wallet! We hope you find this feature of our service a refreshing change in the money-hungry world we live in.

Available For Our Clients

When you have a problem with your garage door, or if you want a new door installed, it can at times feel like a real challenge if you need to wait a long time for a company to arrive. We certainly do not want our clients to feel such frustration. In fact, we offer a same day service in most cases.

Take, for instance, one of our satisfied clients who noted that we were “always available at the day and time we request”. 

Another happy client Tim M described us as being “very responsive” and yet another client Virgil S said that we “arrived on time and completed the work within an hour”.

 Indeed, we know that your time is precious and the last thing we want to do is cause you to waste even a moment of it!

A Seamless Service

It isn’t just the actual repair or installation work that we provide which is of high quality. We are passionate about providing you with a friendly, professional and efficient service. This begins from your very first contact with us until we wave you goodbye as you stand next to your perfectly functioning garage door.

One of our client’s reviews describes this seamless service very well. They noted us as being “very professional in all aspects of work from initial phone call requesting service to final repair”. You can rest assured this is the same service we are dedicated to providing for you.

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