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Welcome to our FAQ page, where you’ll learn the answers to many of the top questions you might have about us and our services. If you want to learn what those questions are, then read on. Afterward, you can contact us, request a quote or ask us any other questions that were not answered below.

Can I Use Any Kind Of Paint On My Garage Door?

This is one of the most common questions that we get, and the answer we always give to people is it is best to hire a professional with plenty of experience with painting garage doors. This is because a professional, such as us at Golden Garage Doors, will thoroughly inspect your garage doors before recommending what type of paint you should use. Then we will get to work, and the end result will be a paint job that has been evenly done with quality paint.

If you use the wrong type of paint on your garage doors, then you could end up regretting it. Too many people make the mistake of not choosing the right kind of paint for their doors or they choose low-quality paint that ends up damaging their doors, peeling off or just not appealing to look at. Let us here at Golden Garage Doors deal with the whole process of painting garage doors.

Should I Only Replace A Broken Spring Or Both?

Another common question that we are constantly answering is this one, and the answer is you should replace both springs. While it might be tempting to only replace one, you shouldn’t. Furthermore, never attempt to replace a broken spring because it is a very dangerous task to undertake.

Also, the chances are that both of your springs are going to either be the same age or around the same age. This is why it makes sense to replace both of them when one of them is going to be replaced anyway. In the short and long-run, replacing both springs in one visit will save you money. Let’s say you only replace one spring, the chances are the second spring will end up needing to be replaced in the near future and this means spending more money on having a professional come out to replace it.

Does your spring need to be replaced? Are you not sure whether or not it’s completely broken? If so, then let the experts at Golden Garage Doors look at your springs. We’ll let you know if they need to be replaced and how much it will cost you.

What Is A Garage Door Tuneup?

A tuneup for a garage door is an inspection of your garage doors. Our tuneup service also includes lubricating the door’s moving parts. We also make a few adjustments to the door. If you’ve never had a garage door tune-up, now is the time to schedule one.

There are several benefits of having a tuneup performed on your garage doors. This includes saving you money in the long-term because, during the tuneup, we will inspect your doors for damage and recommend repairs or replacements if need be. It’s much better to take care of a problem in its early stages than it is to wait for the problem to become bigger and more expensive.

Another benefit is safety will be improved. When your doors are functioning properly, then you can rest assured that safety won’t be an issue. By having regular tune-ups performed, you will have peace of mind knowing your garage doors are safe.

Also, you can extend the life of your garage doors. After we have performed the tuneup, we will provide you with a full report. The bottom line is all homeowners and business owners with garages should have their garage doors inspected by the team here at Golden Garage Doors.

My Door Is Heavy. Why Is That?

Is your garage door on the heavy side? If so, then the chances are your doors need to be more balanced. Don’t worry because we can easily balance your doors. Also, the springs are supposed to provide a certain amount of tension, and that tension might need to be reset. We can do a reset and balance the door, and this should correct the problem.

Do not attempt to reset the springs on your own because undertaking any task relating to the springs should be left to us due to how dangerous they are. Springs can easily snap leading to possible injury, or worse yet, even death. We are highly trained and skilled, as well as having the right equipment to deal with garage door springs. If you were to do it yourself, then you’d be putting your safety at serious risk.

In Order To Close The Door, I Have To Hold The Wall Button. Why Is This Happening?

The main reason why this is probably happening is that the photo sensors are not aligned properly. These sensors must be perfectly aligned, otherwise, the doors won’t work properly. The sensors need to be adjusted if there is a light that is blinking on one side. After adjusting the sensors, the light should stop blinking.

However, the above might not work, and if that’s the case with you, then make sure you call us right away. We will inspect the sensors and adjust them if need be. If that’s not the issue, then we will investigate the problem further before determining what the issue is. Don’t worry though because we are good at what we do and can quickly get to the bottom of the problem.

What Kind Of Opener Should I Get?

Lift Master has a great line of garage door openers, and we recommend getting an opener from their line, but the choice is ultimately up to you. If you do not know what type of opener you should get, then call us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in choosing a garage door opener.

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