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Why Work With Us?

Garage doors are very useful aspects of a home. When they become worn or unsightly and they begin to malfunction they can be an eyesore and highly inconvenient. Often when homeowners are surveyed, as many as two-thirds of them agree that replacing their worn-out unsightly garage door significantly increased the value of their home and the convenience of using their garage. Here we’ll take a look at Golden Garage Doors, which is a locally owned and operated company and the services we offer.

What Should You Look For In A Company When Needing To Replace A Garage Door?

Whenever we need a company work on our garage doors it’s important that we get a company with the experience needed to do it right. There are also some other factors that need to be considered in order to ensure we get a good experience. It’s very important that when doing work like this we don’t use some amateur or jack of all trades.

When we have someone work on our garage door, if they are not a fully licensed and insured business, then as homeowners we risk being liable for any damage done to our own property as well as injuries that might take place with the person doing the work. 

It could even mean that we are responsible for withholding taxes and paying a portion of their social security and other factors that should be avoided at all cost. 

For this reason, we should always make sure that the company we are dealing with is legitimate and the primary way to ensure this is to make sure that they carry a business license and that they carry all the appropriate types of insurances required for a legitimate business.

When you call on a professional company like Golden Garage Doors, you are dealing with a business that is locally owned and operated and who employ experts in the installation of residential garage doors as well as capable of performing any repairs that you need. 

We use only the most experienced professionals and we guarantee your satisfaction. Our professional teams will be able to complete an installation in just a few hours time.

The Process

Typically, you would call us at (303)278-6898 and make an appointment for us to come out and take a look at your particular home and discuss with you what is it you are interested in and show you the different garage door options that we have available.

Once you make the decision to have us do the work and you choose the garage door and options that you want, we will then make an appointment to come and do the installation. When the technicians arrive they typically will take three or four hours to complete the installation.


At Golden Garage Doors, we highly value the services that we provide to our senior citizens and to those who serve in the military and our veterans. Because of this, we give veterans and senior citizens a special discount. Even with these special discounts we always provide the highest standards and above-average services and go above and beyond what our customers expect.

When we set an appointment with you to come out and take a look at your home and discuss your options and to perform a garage door installation or repair, you will not have any trip charge with the work or repair. We understand that you don’t want any surprise charges and that’s why we offer completely free estimates.

Facts About Modern Garage Doors

Some facts about why you might want to seriously consider having us come out to replace or repair your garage door include that doing so can often put money in your pocket. 

When we provide you with an energy-efficient home improvement such as an insulated garage door, then it can earn you a tax credit that puts money in your pocket. This means that your energy bill will be reduced and you can get a tax credit at the end of the year that could be worth as much as $500.

It may surprise you to learn that almost half of all homes that are burglarized are accessed through an unsecured garage door. Quite a few homeowners commonly enter and exit their home through the garage door and they ultimately fail to lock it in some cases. 

Having your garage door upgraded or replaced means that we can help you add security devices that will remind you to close and lock that door. This means that the home is not only secure when you leave, but it’s also secure when you’re at home asleep.

Another convenient reason to replace an outdated garage door with a new one is the fact that they can work even when there is a power outage. Accessories can be added with the new garage door that allows a battery backup system to allow the garage door to function even when there’s no other power source coming to the home. It’s a terrific feature that keeps you from getting stuck inside or out of the garage.

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Tune-Up Services

Our company not only provides quality garage door replacements and repairs but we also can provide tune-ups for your garage door. Just like a car should be regularly tuned up to keep it running optimally, your garage door should be as well. This will make it last longer and work more safely. We provide a highly detailed inspection that will keep the garage door functioning at an optimal level. 

This is so that it keeps your home safer, it’s more dependable, it’s quieter, and this tune-up will extend the life of the garage door itself. When you arrange to have us do an annual tune-up, it will prevent a variety of minor problems that can turn into bigger ones and cost you a great deal more.

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If you need a tune-up, repair, or installation of a new garage door, then you should visit us online at goldengaragedoors.com or call us at (303)278-6898 and arrange for us to come out and speak with you and give you a free estimate. Have your garage door looking brand new and secure today!

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